Speakers - Arlene G. Corrêa

Type of the Presentation:  Short lecture

Chemical ecology at the laboratory of synthesis of natural products Prof. Dr. José Tércio Barbosa Ferreira

Arlene G. Corrêa

Centre of Excellence for Research in Sustainable Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil; agcorrea@ufscar.br


The Laboratory of Synthesis of Natural Products (LSPN) was constructed in 1997 by late Professor José Tércio B. Ferreira. In this lecture we will present Tercio’s legacy and the LSPN contribution on chemical ecology.

More specifically, examples of isolation, structure determination and synthesis of insect pheromones of different species, including Spodoptera frugiperda1 and Thyrinteina arnobia,2 will be discussed.


We are grateful to FAPESP, CNPq, CAPES, IFS and GSK for fellowships and financial support. 


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